The casinos KNOW that anyone can play Blackjack well enough to win. They are NOT afraid of Blackjack systems or "Card Counters". They know that. . .

 1.--After a quick try at correct playing strategy or card counting, most Blackjack players will go right back to playing by their hunches and emotions instead of statistics and computer tested strategy.

 2.--Blackjack players are intimidated by the casino and few are in mental or physical shape to use a Blackjack System in the casino environment--in order to win!


 Blackjack is the most popular casino table game, and the most profitable—for the casino! What? How can a game which has rules that seem so advantageous to the player, be so profitable for the casino?

The dealer is limited to STRICT rules. The dealer MUST stand on a card total of 17, and hit a total of 16. The player can draw as many cards as he/she wants. The player may stand on a 16. The player can Double Down, Split Pairs, Take Insurance, and Surrender a bad hand. Blackjack pays One and One Half times your bet!

Someone new to the game would say this must be a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. It is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme! With most unskilled Blackjack players, —The Casino Gets Rich Quick!

As with any card trick, Blackjack is NOT what it appears to be! Play Blackjack using "common sense" —(without a playing method), and you'll have a 4--6% disadvantage! You'll learn HOW the casino gains this advantage, and a playing method that will REDUCE the casino's advantage, and INCREASE your chance of winning.


    Of all the games in the casino, BLACKJACK offers you the MOST control over the game, and the BEST CHANCE of winning. HOWEVER, if you play Blackjack using "common sense" (without an accurate playing method or computer tested rules), you can expect a 4--6% disadvantage! You will learn exactly HOW the casino gains this advantage and a NEW method of playing Blackjack that will increase your chance of winning!

  Blackjack is a game of Skill AND Chance! As the cards are dealt out during Blackjack. . . the odds swing back and forth, favoring either the player or the casino. The skilled player can determine WHEN the odds favor the player.  By using correct playing decisions and increasing bet size at these favorable times, you can cut the casino advantage to near zero and stand the BEST chance of WINNING! 



» A powerful PLAYING SYSTEM with correct plays for all possible Blackjack hands.

» An accurate CARD TRACKING method that alerts the Blackjack player to favorable betting opportunities.

» An effective WAGERING PLAN that strictly controls the betting pattern of the Blackjack player.

 In  FIFTEEN CHAPTERS and 224 pages you will find out:

» HOW THE THREE P'S will help you learn the system in a short time with a minimum of anxiety and maximum retention!

» HOW to use BENNY'S STUDY METHOD. This simple 3 step method that will help you learn THE S.E.X. BLACKJACK SYSTEM in a short time.

» WHY you must pay attention to the MENTAL & PHYSICAL aspects of playing Blackjack--if you expect to win! There are sections on Diet, Exercise, and Drug use! The better mental and physical shape you are in when you enter the casino, the higher are your chances of winning!

» WHEN to take a SLOT VACATION. Here is one vacation that can that can save you some money!

» WHETHER or NOT the President of the United States "jinxed" the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. What does this have to do with playing Blackjack?


Why statistics are so important to the Blackjack player! In the book you will learn how the answers to THE FOUR QUESTIONS will give you a better understanding of why you MUST make your Blackjack playing decisions based on Statistics--if you expect to win. CLICK HERE to see THE FOUR QUESTIONS! 

This BLACKJACK SYSTEM is loaded with DOZENS of tips, suggestions, and instructions that will help you become a more powerful and effective Blackjack player! The book contains the complete PRIME DECISION charts that show the CORRECT plays for ALL possible Blackjack hands. 

CLICK HERE to see the complete TABLE of CONTENTS of the 224 page S.E.X. BLACKJACK SYSTEM.


 You will learn how and why people are hindered in their understanding and playing of Blackjack by The Ten Illusions Of Blackjack that they believe to be true. The Ten Illusions seem so real that they can prevent you from taking positive steps to improve the odds of winning! You will also learn of the REALITY that is behind EACH of the Ten Illusions. CLICK HERE to see THE TEN ILLUSIONS OF BLACKJACK.

--In order to WIN--You must Play Blackjack with the PRECISION and ACCURACY of a COMPUTER, while giving the impression to Casino Personnel and Other Players That You Are Just Playing Your Hunches!


Many Blackjack players brag about how often they visit the casinos and how much they win. Of all the people I've met who play Blackjack well, the only ones that WIN consistently have these same TEN things in common­-CLICK HERE to see THE 10 QUALITIES OF A BLACKJACK WINNER!

--A Blackjack playing method can only be considered powerful and effective if it can be learned easily, and put to use under actual casino conditions! THE S.E.X. BLACKJACK SYSTEM is easy to learn, and use in the casino! The playing system is geared to the average player, and can be learned easily in a short time, with the help of precise playing and wagering instructions which are provided.

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» THE S.E.X. BLACKJACK SYSTEM presents NEW information on how to play the game with absolute confidence!  

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THE S.E.X. BLACKJACK SYSTEM by Alan Mandel. --224 pages, ISBN 0-9616765-1-7.  The 224 page, 5 1/4" x 8 1/2" book is published by Bronx Books, New York, NY.  Mr. Mandel holds a Master's Degree, and has been a Blackjack player for over 20 years. Bronx Books was established in 1987.

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